Gratitude How often do you look at your life and see the beauty in it? How often do you look at the wonderful things you have accomplished? How often do you look at the gifts you have been given? How often do you thank the Universe for -your friends -your family -your work -your skills… Read More

Do you feel stuck ? Past Life Regression work helps you locate that stuckness in your life. Every soul travels to many places and to many times.   It travels with many of the same soul companions. It has a need to experience many things. But, there are times when we remain stuck in relationships and… Read More

Hypnosis is an excellent tool for healing. How does it work? We all have a storehouse of thoughts and beliefs that were saved in our subconscious at a time when they served a purpose.   They kept us safe from physical, mental, and spiritual harm.  The problem arises when they stop us from living a productive… Read More

Where have you been before this current life?Travel through the tunnel of time.  Find out ! Your spirit never changes.  Only your body is new. The lessons that we come to learn are many times age old themes that we have not yet addressed. Find out what these are so you can change them and… Read More

Where Do You Begin Your Search? Finding your spiritual connection is a need for the soul as great as the need for food and water to sustain the physical body. And so the quest begins. Where does one go to acquire this nourishment for the soul. There are texts available in every language and religious… Read More

Where have you been before this life? What pre-conception contracts do you have? What past life promises did you swear that keep you bound? Experience a Past Life Regression Find out where you have been and what you experienced in that previous life that is relevant to your current life.  Find the life lessons from… Read More

AFFIRMATIONS TO LOVE YOURSELF MORE  These are some gems of wisdom from Louise Hay  Make a list of the things you would tell yourself as if you were your parent or guardian If you tell yourself: I can’t stop…(smoking, drinking, shopping, arguing with others.) Then repeat the affirmation: No person, place, or thing has any… Read More