Past Life Regression tru Hypnosis

Dirt road

Locate that stuckness in your life.

Every soul travels to many places and to many times.

It travels with many of the same soul companions.

It has a need to experience many things.

But, there are times when we remain stuck in relationships and in personal attitudes and experiences.

We are designed to be happy creative beings. When we are less than this, we need to clear the baggage we carry from our own and from our family lineage.

Your spirit never changes. Only your body is new.

The lessons that you come to learn are those unaddressed age old themes that continue to repeat themselves until you honestly look at them. Find out what these are so you can change them and create that happier, healthier life you want and need.

What contracts did you make in previous lives that are no longer productive for you?
What promises did you make and swear to uphold?

Experience a Past Life Hypnotic Regression
Find out where you have been and what you experienced in that previous life that is relevant to your current life. Find the life lessons from those prior existences that you bring with you to the present life. This is a way to find out why you hold fears, habits, or opinions which seem hard to change.

It will give you insight into the relationships you have with the people in your life, as well as the “natural” skills you possess. Bring those past life skills forward if appropriate. It is also a way to find out what contracts you have made for this life and why you are drawn to certain experiences and repelled by others. Renegotiate these contracts if possible. Go back to the time just before your birth and recall the information you had about your approaching present incarnation and your pre-conception contract.

Do you feel a sense of being unfulfilled at times? Get to the core of that dissatisfaction. Past Life Regressions are cathartic and life changing. They are more than historical remembrances. Be prepared to honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can truly change the course of this life’s journey and your soul’s journey.

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The rate for a 2 hour Past Life Hypnosis Regression session is $150.