What is a Power Animal and how do you reconnect to it?


Most people are familiar with the term Guardian Angel.

Many people feel the presence of these guardian spirits.

Sometimes they know them to be figures from religious studies like: Buddha, Jesus, Mary, or a saint like St. Francis.

Other times they are recognized as deceased family members like Grandmothers, Grandfathers, or close friends.

But the truth is that we all have Guardian Spirits.  They show up in many shapes and forms.

Our belief system usually determines that shape and form.

No one comes into this life alone !  

When you hear a warning or a reminder, very often this sounds like a voice inside our mind that isn’t exactly ours.

Guardian spirits are always there to help us and keep us safe.

When someone is ill physically or mentally, shamans, or indigenous healers, often perform a Power Animal Retrieval to bring back the protection and so in turn the healing potential for that person.

Are you feeling like too many negative things are happening in your life?

Are you feeling like you are unprotected in the world?

Are you feeling alone or out of sorts?

Are you feeling like your life is off track?

You might benefit from a Power Animal Reunion.

 European grey wolf

It is a simple journeying technique that we will take to bring back that protection and guidance.

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The fee for this one hour session is $70.