Group Past Life Regression Session Have you always been curious about where you have been before this life or whether you have lived before now? Do you have recurrent dreams that spark a curiosity about other lives? Do you have connections to other people either wonderful or tension filled? Do you have skills and talents… Read More

What is a Power Animal and how do you reconnect to it? Most people are familiar with the term Guardian Angel. Many people feel the presence of these guardian spirits. Sometimes they know them to be figures from religious studies like: Buddha, Jesus, Mary, or a saint like St. Francis. Other times they are recognized… Read More

Gratitude How often do you look at your life and see the beauty in it? How often do you look at the wonderful things you have accomplished? How often do you look at the gifts you have been given? How often do you thank the Universe for -your friends -your family -your work -your skills… Read More