What is a Power Animal and how do you retrieve it? Most people are familiar with the term Guardian Angel. Many people feel the presence of these guardian spirits. Sometimes they know them to be figures from religious studies like: Buddha, Jesus, Mary, or a saint like St. Francis. Other times they are recognized as… Read More

What is Shamanic Journeying? Shamanic journeying is an ancient method that our ancestors from all over the world used to contact to their spirit helpers and guides.  There were special people chosen to journey for others in the community.  Because this was their primary focus they were able to devote their full attention to helping others.… Read More

Do you feel stuck ? Past Life Regression work helps you locate that stuckness in your life. Every soul travels to many places and to many times.   It travels with many of the same soul companions. It has a need to experience many things. But, there are times when we remain stuck in relationships and… Read More