Where Do You Begin Your Search?

Finding your spiritual connection is a need for the soul as great as the need for food and water to sustain the physical body. And so the quest begins. Where does one go to acquire this nourishment for the soul. There are texts available in every language and religious modality covering the ways to reach Nirvana. There are lecturers and religious leaders with detailed instructions on “The Way”. There are workshops and retreats offering as many paths as there are people interested. But where does a being start the journey? Are the answers of such a personal nature that outside interference will only increase the confusion? If we are always connected to the God source, the name changing to fit your specific spiritual/religious affiliation, then aren’t we connected to the informational bank that will be individually suited to our needs, wants, desires, and lesson plan? The world’s best gurus are merely a sign-post along our path to direct us to our inner journey. They are the stimulus to open up our own storehouse of knowledge. When Transcendental Meditation first appeared in the Western world, I believe it opened a vital gateway into our own subconcious library of healing ideologies. We have come a long way from this initiatory process. And along with this expansion, have come so many “ways” and means to tap our spiritual wholeness, that it may be more confusing than ever. I postulate that there is a simple way to begin. Sitting in the silence of our own connection with spirit should be the starting point of our spiritual quest. Not to downplay the wonderfully profuse volumes of self-help texts available, these should be used as auxiliary tools to our own silent connection with the Divine Spirit that goes by many names (God, Allah, Buddha,…) The true empowerment for our spiritual and physical life should always remain within our control. When we rely on others, we give up our power. Within our being we each hold the template for a happy, fulfilling life. Convene with nature, sit quietly within the confines of your own company, connect to the Goodness of Divine spirit, and enjoy the journey.


gale j. lee