These are some gems of wisdom from Louise Hay 

Make a list of the things you would tell yourself as if you were your parent or guardian

If you tell yourself:

I can’t stop…(smoking, drinking, shopping, arguing with others.)

Then repeat the affirmation:

  • No person, place, or thing has any power over me.  I am free.

I am not smart enough, thin enough, or motivated enough.

  • I love myself completely just as I am.
  • I see myself with eyes of love and I am safe.

People are so stupid.

  • Everybody is doing the best they can, including me.

I have difficulty expressing my feelings.

  • It is my divine right to be comfortable.

I am so afraid of authority figures.

  • Fears are merely thoughts and thoughts can be released.

Heart disease (or another illness) runs in my family.

  • I restore and maintain my body at optimum health.

Replace “should” with “could”.

  • I could do anything I decide to do that would benefit my life.

Life is very simple.  What we give out, we get back.  Beliefs are ideas and thoughts that we

accept as truth.  What we think about ourselves and the world becomes true for us.

When we were children, we learned about ourselves and about life from the reactions of

the adults around us.  Therefore, most of us have ideas about who we are that we do not

own, and many rules about how life ought to be lived.  If you lived with people who were

unhappy, frightened, guilty, or angry, then you learned a lot of negative things about

yourself and your world.  We can change our attitude toward the past.  We can stop

being a victim.  The road to freedom is through the doorway to forgiveness.  Forgive

those who hurt you in any way knowingly or unknowingly.  Forgive yourself for hurting

anyone knowingly or unknowingly.  And forgive yourself for holding on to the negativity.

Once you begin to love yourself exactly as you are, everything in life flows.

Create an affirmation to make your life happier, healthier, and more productive.